Focus areas

INNOVATEC has a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in science, technology and innovation and provides professional and qualified services in the following areas:


The monitoring and evaluation of research projects and programs is becoming an integral part of science, technology and innovation policies and must be implemented at all levels of the research cycle (projects, programs, strategies) by the agencies. and funding agencies. The need to justify public spending and demonstrate the benefits of funding research to society are important factors that encourage funding agencies to disseminate the results of their research.

INNOVATEC offers monitoring and evaluation consulting services to funding agencies, ministries and regional agencies, in the following areas:

  • Development of web monitoring tools to capture and store research results.
  • Design, development and implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems, including the definition of ad hoc indicators to measure performance based on specific objectives and the necessary tools to do so.
  • Evaluation of the impact of research programs.
  • Monitoring and evaluation plans for smart specialization strategies (RIS3).

INNOVATEC offers research-based consulting. We carry out research projects to acquire knowledge and skills to better understand the difficulties involved in research evaluation, the specificities of R&D activities and the impact that research interventions can produce. INNOVATEC has been coordinator of the FP7 EVAL-HEALTH research project, whose main objective was to develop methodologies to monitor and evaluate the impact of public health interventions (projects) financed by the EU in developing countries. INNOVATEC has also coordinated the RegHealth-RI project, which was funded by the Horizon 2020 (H2020) program and whose main objective is to analyze, discuss and improve the performance of research and innovation in health in the different regions of the EU.


The EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation “Horizon Europe” provides funding for research, development and innovation projects for the period 2021-2027. INNOVATEC provides the coordinators of future Horizon Europe projects its support to plan, design and prepare a competitive and winning proposal. INNOVATEC has proven experience in preparing proposals for FP7 and H2020 framework projects as a consequence of its participation in the role of coordinator and partner, as well as in-depth knowledge of the internal evaluation procedures of the EC.

In addition, INNOVATEC can participate as a partner in the consortium of funded projects carrying out specific tasks such as:

  • The organization and execution of the project’s dissemination plan.
  • The design and realization of the project website.
  • The analysis of the initial situation and the state of the question of the project’s theme.
  • The study of planned project results and outcomes by linking them to project pathways towards impact.
  • The evaluation of the impact of the project in the short, medium and long term.
  • The development and management of the internal monitoring and evaluation of the project.


As a means of maximizing the impact of research, effective and timely dissemination of results has been an essential part of all EC-funded research projects within the FP7 research program, and remains the same in the framework of the new Horizon Europe.

The dissemination of results is usually directed to the scientific community and industry, but, depending on the type of project, they should also be directed to other interested groups, such as the media, those responsible for science policies or the general public. Dissemination planning involves not only looking at where and when information should be disseminated, but what should be communicated and how it should be presented.

INNOVATEC can be the partner in charge of dissemination and communication in your project. We have proven experience in the preparation and implementation of effective dissemination strategies and in the preparation of activity reports, including the design, management and maintenance of the project website. We can participate as a partner in the project and be directly involved in the different stages throughout the life of the project.

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